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For 23 years we have applied all the knowledge and expertise we have gained through research at Boston University in the U.S.A. and in our dental office in Riga to make sure our clients have a beautiful smile.

Our international team of Doctors and technicians allows us to serve our patients with expertise and knowledge gained from around the globe.

We also use state of the art technology and materials to assure our patients that they are receiving the best care to achieve their happy and healthy smile. These resources also allow us to resolve even the most difficult clinical situations and demands that we encounter.

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A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. A beautiful smile is the universal language of beauty. Is there anything more important than the ability to express our feelings with a smile? Than a life without pain? Than the realization that you are beautiful and confident? Can both beauty and health be achieved for a reasonable price, and how is it possible? How can we avoid problems? Where does the truth hide and where do the myths start in our general views about dentistry?

Dr. Alēna Butkēviča’s book will introduce you to the world of stomatology in an open and simple way. This book summarizes knowledge and experience accumulated over the course of twenty years by working practically at the highest level. It will be of interest to anyone who wants to find out more and understand the secrets of modern dentistry. It provides a lot of advice and suggestions on how to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy all throughout your life. And, if you have lost some over the years, they can be easily reconstructed to ensure their long wear and aesthetic look.

Combining scientifically based theories with excellent practical work is a true art and an invaluable benefit for patients. Dr. Alēna Butkēviča has managed to do it for more than 20 years. Her ability to listen, hear and sense the problems of patients and provide clear answers is what constitutes the true value of this book. The solution to structure the book in the form of questions and answers is a very successful one — it describes the causes of specific problems and provides solutions, as well their positive and negative aspects from the point of view of both medicine and aesthetics, which is of no less importance. Furthermore, Dr. Butkēviča looks at teeth problems in close connection to the health condition of the rest of the body, not forgetting to make light of a few human weaknesses either:laziness, lack of motivation, etc. Examples from her personal experience add plausibility and a sense of reality. The book is not didactic, yet after reading it one still wants to follow the instructions and advice provided. Read the book, brush your teeth, and smile!


The patient from the Netherlands

A patient from the Netherlands tells how his teeth were treated in "Dr. Butkevica Dental Practice"

Thank You to Dr. Butkevica and her Team!

At my age (79 years old), for the last few years, my gums were hurting with the denture a French dentist put in. The last tentative was to go to Dr Butkevica in [...]

High Quality and a Pleasant Atmosphere…

Thanks a million for the work you’ ve done! I am really satisfied with the professional work of the dental clinic, high quality and a pleasant atmosphere. Everything is at the highest level! [...]

You see your patients as your family members…

Alena, Knowing you, the first words that come to my mind are “sweetness” and “warmth”... and, of course, your brilliant smile! I know that you are a smart, intelligent and beautiful woman with [...]

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